Health & Safety

Today, safety on the job site is no longer just a concern, it is now a strictly enforced, mandatory requirement. MSI has not only acknowledged this fact, but has set out to be a leader in construction and industrial safety for our employees as well as for our customers. We employ a full time Safety Director to maintain safety on our job sites and insure that our employees are educated in the safety requirements of their particular tasks and their environment.

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Safety Procedures

Some of our Safety Procedures include:

  • Weekly tool box safety meetings with signed attendance sheets.
  • Weekly job site inspections by MSI’s Safety Director.
  • Monthly safety awards program.
  • Zero tolerance for unsafe actions or behavior.
  • Daily housekeeping and safety walk-throughs.
  • Site and Area-Specific Preconstruction Safety Audits
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In addition, MSI can provide:

  • Pre-employment safety review – fully documented and available for review.
  • Complete Safety Procedures Manual.
  • Hazardous Communications Training.
  • On staff Red Cross Instructor.
  • Complete Drug and Substance Abuse Program: Pre-employment, Post Accident, and Random Screening.
  • Certified Operators on all lifting equipment.
  • Drivers with approved MVR’s to operate vehicles.
  • Strict pre-employment and acknowledgement concerning worker’s compensation fraudulent claims – signed and documented.
  • O.S.H.A defined competent person on each job site at all times during work performance.
  • M.S.H.A. – Trained Supervision and Craftsmen when required.



MSI Construction Co., Inc. maintains a policy of environmental responsibility to its customers, employees, and our community. We are committed to protect our environment and approach the performance of our projects with the awareness that environmental impact and sustainability is a mandatory responsibility of our company and each of our employees.



MSI Construction Co., Inc., its management and employees, are committed to:

  • Understand and comply with all federal and local legislation, regulations, and environmental codes.
  • Train employees and subcontractors, at each specific job location, to maintain environmental awareness and policy commitment.
  • Assess project materials, water, and energy to minimize waste.
  • Incorporate recycled and regional materials, as well as renewable resources when applicable.
  • Minimize any and all types of pollution to reduce environmental impact.
  • Constantly analyze our performance and practices to identify ways to improve procedures and update our overall environmental objective.
  • Promote an awareness of company environmental policy through active communication during Weekly Project Safety Meetings and Project Management Coordination Meetings.