The fabrication and erection of specialized structures can be accomplished easily with coordination of our Fabrication Division, our own cranes, and our Mechanical field crews.

The additional Cold Box increased production of gases for meeting customer requirements of this industrial company.

Turnkey Maintenance Facilities give you the centralized work area to keep your plant up and running.

Swaying of the upper deck at Williams Brice Stadium was reduced by the installation of additional support structures at the main columns. Painting of the Lighting Framework was accomplished by using a crane and manbasket for access.

A new industrial storage building erected in Cayce, SC

New equipment arriving for assembly and installation in West Columbia.

This Energy Facility at USC required multi-craft coordination to fabricate and assemble the equipment, ducting, piping, and electrical systems required for operation.

This gate repair at Lake Murray required locating our equipment in the actual spillway with approximately 760 billion gallons of water on the other side.

This Precipitator installation, into an existing building, required extensive ingenuity to assemble it on the supporting structure directly beneath a rafter.

Since 1972

MSI Construction Co., Inc

MSI a commercial and industrial construction and maintenance company experienced in offering its services to the community since 1972. We take pride in providing our customers with non-union, multi-craft capabilities in the mechanical, civil, fabrication, electrical and construction management fields.
We are dedicated to maintaining safety, reducing project cost, and providing quality control as well as satisfying our customer’s schedule.

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Certified by the State of SC Contractor's Licensing Board
General Contractor classifications - Building (BD5), Boilers (BL5)
Mechanical Contractor classifications - Process Piping (1P5), Electrical (EL5), Plumbing (PB5), Heating (HT5), Air Conditioning (AC5)

MSI Services

By providing mechanical, electrical, fabrication, and civil services, we can relieve the headache of coordinating the different aspects of your project.

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Safety and Environmental

In today's work environment the safety of your employees and ours as well as ensuring the protection of our environment are major concerns for MSI.

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MSI provides mechanical services for operations of all sizes, including many Fortune 500 companies.

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We are always on the lookout for hard working people with skills in the industrial construction sector.  Find out more about MSI's various Job Opportunities.

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One of the things that distinguishes MSI as a premier industrial service provider is being accessible to our clients on a moment's notice.

We look forward to working with your company to provide the highest quality industrial services possible. If you are interested in finding out more about the services that MSI can provide, or you are looking for a quote on an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for considering MSI for your future projects. We hope to show you why our motto is: “CREDIBILITY... Achieved Through Performance”.